Fireray 3000 Exd Explosion Proof Infrared Beam Smoke Detector 3000-115

The Fireray® 3000 Exd comprises of a Transmitter Unit, which projects a modulated infra-red light beam to a Receiver Unit. The received signal is analysed and should smoke be present for a predetermined time a fire condition is signalled. A Control Unit is located within 100 metres cable run of the Receiver Unit enabling low level installation and diagnostic capability. Conforms to BS 5839 Part 5.


  • II 2 GD
  • Ex db op is IIC T6 Gb
  • Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db
  • Ta = 20°C to +55°C

Key Benefits

  • 12 and 24V operation
  • Explosion Proof Transmitter and Receiver Units
  • Low level Safe Area electronics
  • Selectable sensitivity levels
  • Low current consumption
  • Self-check and automatic compensation
  • Robust metal construction
  • Ideal for the protection of large enclosures within hazardous areas in petrochemical plants, oil rigs, ordance stores


  • The Fireray® 3000 Exd is ideally suited for the protection of large areas, with potentially explosive atmospheres, against smoking fires.
  • The Fireray® 3000 Exd optical beam smoke detector, together with a battery backed power supply, can be connected to a zone of a conventional fire alarm control panel or interfaced to an analogue addressable system via an addressable input module or a zone monitor module.