The SHX-UN Universal Pressure Vent’s unique design (pat applied) offers users the industry’s best solution for blast protection and gas suppression pressure relief for all inert gases. With the largest verified Free Vent Area (FVA) on the market, these third-generation products are effective not only with gas suppression systems, but also handling much higher energy blasts that can occur within electrical switchgear and transformer installations.

The SHX-UN range is the only pressure vent on the market to have the largest true value FVA available correctly 3rd party verified to BRE live discharge test 122084. VDA calculated vent dynamic co-efficient (vDc) of 1.15 (for gas suppression systems only.

SHX-UN UNIVERSAL PRESSURE VENT NEXT DAY DELIVERY If order is processed before 12pm The vDc changes with the rate of pressure increase. This is different for switchgear units. Call for advice) The SHX-UN is discharge tested for cascade venting scenarios. Opening Pressure: Operates at 80 Pascals and fully open at 95 Pascals.